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Shop No. 2
OM Chambers, Kemps Corner,
Mumbai - 400026
T: +91 22 23616840 / 23616841 / 23616842


KHOSLA JANI is the brainchild of India’s foremost Couturiers, Abu Jani and Sandeep Khosla. Absolutely current and eternally elegant, KHOSLA JANI is distinctive, driven by detail, formal, evening, red carpet and wedding wear.

KHOSLA JANI is a passionate experiment to create couture that transcends boundaries, defies rules and is an expression of unfettered creativity. A smorgasbord of influences from across the globe including Africa, Europe, Japan and of course India. History, Geography, Architecture and Culture as inspiration for motifs and silhouettes, these are ensembles that transport us to other eras and myriad moods and destinations whilst remaining absolutely current and decidedly twenty-first century.

Beyond Haute, KHOSLA JANI is quite simply, Ultimate Couture.

At its core is a devotion to multiple techniques crafted to create the finest. Voluptuous fabrics, lavish embroideries and embellishments are layered to create dizzying Style.

Art, Architecture, History and Culture are influencers of this highly original expression.

KHOSLA JANI takes the Handcrafted and gives it new birth. Craftsmanship is elevated to Art. Fabric becomes a canvas of sorts as multiple techniques meld together to fashion masterpieces.

A passion for finesse, a love for detail, infuses this voluptuous expression. KHOSLA JANI is a celebration of the Complex nature of Fantasy. Myriad elements and their interplay inform the collections. From the whisper of tone on tone, thread embroidery and applique, to the full-blown exuberance of three-dimensional floral and mirror motifs, this is unapologetic, grown up glam for the woman who chooses to stands apart.

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